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Business Moving

Apps Communications is proud to offer a new business moving service to our customers. The business world involves a lot of change, and sometimes that change comes in the form of moving business from one building to another. Moving can be very stressful, in fact, it is one of the most stressful things listed by individuals on written stress tests. Business moving is no exception. Whether you are the owner of a large corporate firm or a self-employed entrepreneur working from home, your business equipment is your bread and butter. It contains important data, including client records and vital company information, if it is lost during a move not only will your earning potential be greatly impacted, but your business could come to a screeching halt. Apps Communications has business moving specialists that can assist you with all your corporate relocation requirements.

Business Moving

Our Team

Our hardworking team of business moving specialists is devoted to ensuring that your business equipment is relocated in an appropriate manner to your new location. We specialize in moving business equipment only, not furniture. Business related items, such as desktop computers, servers, printers, phone systems, copiers, and other types of electronic equipment will be moved with ease and care to your new location in a smooth, efficient manner. Our devoted team of business moving specialists will arrive at your location and disassemble all of your business equipment, while handling your these vital assets with profound care to ensure that no damage results during the moving process. Once all of your equipment is disassembled, it will be cleaned and serviced before being reinstalled at your new business site. Our business moving specialists will also test all of your equipment after reinstalling it to ensure that everything is working correctly. This eliminates a tremendous amount of stress off the business owner, because he or she knows that Apps Communications business moving specialists will ensure that the company is operational at the end of the move. But why use Apps Communications business moving services over other companies you ask? Many businesses that relocate go through the hassle of having movers that are in a mad rush to relocate their equipment, sometimes resulting in damage during the process. Apps Communications business moving specialists take the time to ensure that your business equipment is handled with care, reducing the chances of any damage occurring during the moving process. Moreover, most moving companies are familiar with relocating furniture and not business equipment. Apps Communications business moving service specializes in the proper disassembly and set up of important business equipment from your old location to your new location. Other movers arrive at your new location and just drop your business equipment off without reinstalling it. This means you have to not only take apart each device at your old location, but also perform all of the necessary reinstallation work at the new location, when you should be focusing on other things. Furthermore, if a problem comes up after reinstallation, it could have been caused by careless handling of your equipment. Apps Communications ensures not only proper disassembly, but also professional reinstallation and testing of all your business equipment before we leave your location.

The Assurance Your Company Needs

You can't go wrong with Apps Communications business moving service. This unique service provides business owners with the trust and assurance they need, when it comes to moving their vital equipment. This allows them to focus on other aspects of the move itself without worrying about their equipment in the process. Apps Communications is located in the Chicago area, and we offer a variety of unique services. Our services include web development, video production, email services, VOIP service, computer forensics, along with numerous other services, such as our novel business moving service. For more information about our unique services, check out our service section on our homepage at www.appscorp.net

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